Voice Body Connection

Online classes and private sessions to help you overcome the obstacles between you and your confident, healthy voice; with vocal health educator Elissa Weinzimmer.


How Your Voice Works

Welcome to How Your Voice Works, the online course that teaches you the anatomy and mechanics of your human...

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Private Session Packages

Depending on your needs, there are two packages to choose from when deciding to work privately with Elissa.  In...

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Vocal Health for VO's

In this two part workshop, you'll learn how to maintain your vocal health, prevent vocal damage, and triage the situa...

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Voice Body Kirtan

Voice Body Kirtan is a chanting gathering led by Elissa Weinzimmer, vocal health educator and founder of Voice B...

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Module 2 of How to Have Presence

Ready to take your presence and voice to the next level? Great!  In this 20-minute video from my How to Have Pr...

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How To Have Presence

How To Have Presence is the mindset-based online class that will completely transform your presence. With vocal ...

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